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How do I manage my recordings? (Classic)

Preview, delete, edit, or download your recordings, among other things, all in one simple place. This gives you all of the control you need to effectively manage your recordings before sharing them, but without the all of the inefficiencies.

All of these features are available for online recordings. Any sessions locally recorded on your computer will need to be converted and uploaded (see below for steps) before these features become applicable.
  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Optional: To change your preferred recording method, select Settings > Recording and then select your desired option:
    • Online recording: Have your recordings automatically saved online (recommended) – With this option, your session recordings will be automatically saved to the My Recordings page of your online account. From there you can view, download and share them with attendees. In addition, any registration or payment settings that you set up for the session will be automatically applied to the recording and you can choose to include webcams in your recording (only available on Pro and Plus plans).
    • Local recording: Have your recordings saved locally on your computer – With this option, your session recordings will be saved as a file on your local hard drive. In order to view or share them with attendees, the recording file will need to be converted to a different format (.MP4). After the session, you will need to manually convert them to a different format using the Recording Manager, and then upload them to the My Recordings page of your online account.
    Attention: Any changes made will affect all future sessions (even those that are already scheduled).
  3. Optional: To more easily find recordings, enter a minimum of 3 text characters into the search bar and/or use the status filter to narrow down the results.
  4. Optional: To make changes to a specific recording entry, select My Recordings, find the desired entry, and then select what you would like to do: (Please note that there are a few options in this table that are not specific to a particular entry and/or are completed outside of the My Recordings tab as detailed below)
    Choices Steps
    Delete a recording
    1. Select the Trash can icon next to the desired entry.
    2. Select Yes, delete it to permanently remove the entry.
    Download a recording
    1. Select the Download icon next to the desired entry to automatically start the download of the .MP4 file.
    Note: This icon will be grayed out if you manually uploaded your recording.
    View poll/test results This is available for cloud recordings as of June 14, 2023 or later, where the results were shared during a session. Organizers and attendees wil have the same view.
    1. Select Tests or Polls respectively for the desired recording.
    2. Expand each question using the down arrow to see the details.
    Edit a recording
    1. Select the Edit icon next to the desired entry to change the title and/or description and then select Save.
    2. Select the entry and then select Editnext to the desired category (materials, registration, email).
    3. Make any needed changes and then select Save.
    Exclude audio from the recording This is only available for local recordings and is done outside of the "My Recordings" tab.
    1. Open your Recording Preferences and then select Recording > Don't record audio.
    Include audio in the recording
    1. If using online recording and an integrated audio option (VoIP or PSTN), the audio will automatically be included. If you are using your own audio conference with an online recording, then audio will not be included in the recording.
    2. If using local recording, open your Recording Preferences and then select the desired option from the Recording section.
    Manually upload a recording This is only available for local recordings that have been converted. See "How do I convert my session recordings?"
    1. Select Upload a recording > Select a file.
    2. Select the desired file from your computer. (Recordings are saved to the location specified in the Recording Preferences.)
      Note: Recording files must be .WMV or .MP4 format and less than 1 GB.
    3. The recording will be processed and optimized to play back. You can choose to have an email sent to you once the recording is ready.
    Preview a recording
    1. Select the Play icon next to the desired entry.
    See available storage space
    1. See the Storage Space tile in the left menu to know how much space is in use and how much is remaining.
  5. Select Save after any changes.
If you don't see your desired entry, your session likely didn't record for which there could be a few reasons. First, the recording might not have been converted yet. See "Convert a recording" above to learn more about converting your raw file. Second, the recording might have been mislocated. If you did not change the default location, you should be able to find your recording in your Documents folder. See Locate Recording Files to learn more about how your recording files are stored.
What to do next: Once the recording entry is set to your liking, you can easily share it with your attendees.