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How do I manage and share session recordings? (Classic)

    After you've recorded a training and converted it (if recording locally), you can then store your recordings in your GoTo Training My Recordings page and share the link with attendees. You can also distribute a recording and send or upload the recording wherever else you'd like.

    If you used online recording, your recording will automatically be saved to your My Recordings page.

    By default you have 500GB of storage space for your training recordings. You can upload a recording file no larger 500MB at a time. For corporate (i.e., "offline") plans, storage space is calculated using all of the materials and recordings that are uploaded to your company's GoTo Training account.

    Note: The features that are available on your account may vary depending on your subscription plan

    Access an online recording

    When you choose to have your recordings automatically saved online, they will immediately appear on your My Recordings page as soon as the session ends. You can click a recording's title to be linked to the training it came from. Below see an explanation of the various states a recording might be in and what actions you can take.
    • (a) Once a recorded session ends, it will automatically appear on your My Recordings page with the label "Saving... please check back later.
    • (b) Once a session has been saved, you will see additional options appear. You can preview the recording in your browser, download the .MP4 file, delete the recording, or publish it to share the recording with others.
    • (c) Once you've turned on "Publish", the recording will be processed for playback. The label "Processing" will appear until the recording is ready to share.
    • (d) Once a recording has been processed, you will see all available options enabled (edit, share or delete). The "Publish" option will be enabled.
    • (e) If a recording has been manually uploaded (rather than automatically saved), the options to see the linked recording and download the file will be disabled.