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How do I share my recordings? (Classic)

After you've recorded a training (and converted it if recorded locally), you can access them from your My Recordings page and easily share the link with attendees. You can also distribute a recording and send or upload the recording wherever else you'd like.

Recordings saved online will be automatically added to your My Recordings page. Recordings saved locally will need to be converted and uploaded before they will appear on that page. By default, you have 500GB of storage space for your training recordings. You can upload a recording file no larger 500MB at a time. For corporate (i.e., "offline") plans, storage space is calculated using all of the materials and recordings that are uploaded to your company's GoTo Training account.
  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. From My Recordings, select the desired entry. You can also select a recording's title to be linked to the training it came from.
    Note: If you are looking for a recording of a very recent training, you may see Saving...please check back later next to the entry. Once it's fully saved, additional options will appear to manage your recording, such as previewing, downloading, or deleting the entry. The options available will depend on the recording method set on your account (online or local).
  3. From the desired entry, select Publish. This is only needed for online recordings.

    Result: The recording will then be processed for playback which may take some time. You will see a Processing label in the meantime and can choose to receive an email notification once it is ready. Publishing a recording allows any attendees watching the recording to participate in any included tests and access any included materials. We recommend generating a Test Report to view results of all tests. Polls however are intended to be real-time so attendees won't be able to take any polls while watching recordings.

  4. Share as desired:
    Recording Method Steps
    Share an online recording
    1. From the desired entry, select Link icon. Remember that this icon won't show up unless a recording is published.
    2. Select Copy Link to copy the URL to your clipboard, and then paste it wherever you'd like to share it with attendees.
    Share a local recording
    1. From My Trainings, select the title of the desired entry.
    2. From Track Your Training > Emails > Follow-up Email, select Edit.
    3. Select Send Follow-up Email to Attendees and then select the desired file to upload and attach to the email.
  5. Optional: To see who has viewed your recordings, select the number link in the Views column of the desired entry.

    Result: You will see a list of each registrant's name and email address. Select Registration Report to export the list as an excel file.

  6. Optional: To charge attendees for viewing recordings, see How do I charge my attendees for trainings?. Note that any registration and/or payment settings that you have configured for your training will be automatically applied to all of your online recordings when they are shared with others.
What to do next: Make sure your attendees know how to view the recordings as needed. Once they open the provided link, they will need to register before they can view the recording and/or access any materials/polls/tests you included (the latter options are only available for online recordings that are shared). Recordings in .MP4 format can be played back on any device while recordings in any other format (e.g., .WMV) can only be played back on Windows or Mac desktops. Their web browser must meet the following requirements in order to successfully play back the session recording:
  • Internet Explorer v10 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox v45 or later
  • Google Chrome v34 or later
  • Microsoft Edge v12 or later
  • Apple Safari v6 or later