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Setting up Ticketing in Teams - Add the GoTo Resolve App to Microsoft Teams

    Before you can create helpdesk tickets from Microsoft Teams, you should add the GoTo Resolve app to your Microsoft Teams workspace.

    1. Install the GoTo Resolve app by doing one of the following:

      Tip: Are you an admin who wants to add the app to all your users in one go? Check out how to do that with Teams App policies.

      • Find the GoToResolve app in Microsoft AppSource and click Get it now.

        When you are asked to sign in, you must use the same email address that you use for your GoTo Resolve account.

      • In Microsoft Teams, select Apps in the bottom left and search for the GoTo Resolve app:
    2. When the app's card is displayed, select Add to add it your Microsoft Teams workspace.

      The GoTo Resolve app is added to your workspace. You can find it in the Teams menu on the left.

      Tip: Right-click the GoTo Resolve app in Teams and select Pin to make the app always visible.

    3. Select the GoTo Resolve app from the Microsoft Teams menu on the left.

      The GoTo Resolve bot greets you.

    4. Select your role in the organization:

      • If you are an employee or end-user of your organization, select Employee and you're all set. For information on what you can do as an employee, see Working with Microsoft Teams as an End-user.
      • If you are an agent or admin in your organization, select Agent/Admin and sign in to GoTo Resolve with your login credentials. After signing in, you are redirected back to Microsoft Teams. As an agent, you have nothing else to do.
        Remember: You can use your company email address to sign, which does not have to be a Microsoft email address.
        For information on what you can do as an agent, see Working with Microsoft Teams as an Agent.
      • As an admin, you still have to set up the integration between Microsoft Teams and GoTo Resolve as described in How does an Admin Set up Microsoft Teams to Work with GoTo Resolve?

      After selecting your role, you will see a brief description of what you can do in the GoTo Resolve app in Teams.

    Article last updated: 20 January, 2023