How does an Admin Set up Microsoft Teams to Work with GoTo Resolve?

    An admin must set up the necessary teams that agents and end-users can use as communication channels.

    Setting up the GoTo Resolve app in Microsoft Teams requires the following:
    1. Create the necessary helpdesk services before setting up the GoTo Resolve app. Think of these services as escalation paths to the proper support teams.
    2. Regardless of a user's role in the organization, they must add the GoTo Resolve app to Microsoft Teams.
    3. Admins must set up channeling between Microsoft Teams and GoTo Resolve.
    Important: This article assumes that you have already set up your helpdesk services and that all users have added the GoTo Resolve app to their Teams workspace. The only remaining task for admins is to set up channeling between Microsoft Teams and GoTo Resolve.

    Set up channeling between Microsoft Teams and GoTo Resolve

    1. In Microsoft Teams, create agent channels where employees can send helpdesk tickets.

      For example, if you have four helpdesk services to route your employees' tickets, you may want to create the following four teams:

      • IT-help
      • HR-help
      • Finance-help
      • Facilities-help

      In this scenario, when users have IT-related issues, they would create tickets in the team, called IT-help.

    2. Add the GoTo Resolve app to the agent channels:
      1. In Microsoft Teams, select Apps in the bottom left and search for the GoTo Resolve app:

      2. When the app's card is displayed, click the arrow next to Open to add the app to your teams.
      3. Select Add to a team and type the name of a team that you have created.
      4. Select Set up a bot.
      5. Add agents to the proper teams to manage end-user tickets.

      Result: Repeat this step to add the GoTo Resolve app to all the teams (agent channels) that you have created.

      For example, in the scenario above where you have created four teams, you would add the GoTo Resolve app to all four of them.

    3. Set up channeling for these channels so that agents in your organization receive alerts about tickets created:
      1. In the Teams menu on the left, go to a channel that you want to configure.
      2. Type @goto resolve and from the drop-down list, choose link channel.

      3. If there are multiple companies associated with your GoTo Resolve account, then select the company that your agents will support.
      4. Choose one of the helpdesk services that you have created. This will serve as a channel between end-users and agents. See How do I Add Helpdesk Services?

      Result: Agents can now use the new teams to create and manage helpdesk tickets.

    Results: For information on what admins can do in Teams, see Working with Microsoft Teams as an Admin.