What do I do if GoToMeeting won't open and I have to join my meeting immediately?

On occasion, a stuck process, application install issue, or driver conflict can prevent the GoToMeeting desktop app from launching properly. If you need to join a meeting ASAP, see below for your options.

If you have time to troubleshoot, see

  • Join the meeting from our web application. Instead of downloading the GoToMeeting desktop app, join the meeting from a Google Chrome browser! Just go to and enter in the meeting ID or room name.
  • Join the meeting from our mobile app. Our free iOS and Android apps can get you into session right away, whether you're on the go or at your desk. See GoToMeeting for Mobile Devices.
  • Restart the download. Usually you will be launched directly into session, but it's possible that the automatic process got stuck somewhere along the way. Try installing the software directly here first, then join or start your meeting again.
  • Check to see if GoToMeeting is experiencing an outage – You can check our service status page for the latest updates and known issues. You can also subscribe to email or SMS notifications.