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GoTo App for Mobile Devices

    Do you need to host and join meetings while on the go? No problem! Our mobile app lets you schedule, manage, and host your meetings directly from your iOS and Android devices.

    Mobile apps are available on paid plans only. Learn more.
    Attention: We have a new GoTo mobile app! It supports all the same features as the GoToMeeting iOS and Android apps. View Mobile Feature Comparison to compare the two apps.

    GoToMeeting App

    You can use the GoTo Meeting app to join meetings from anywhere! If you are an organizer, you can use the app to schedule, manage, and start meetings as well.
    Attention: It's time to switch to the new GoTo mobile app! You can continue to use the GoToMeeting iOS and Android apps, but we will no longer support future versions starting January 1, 2023. For the latest updates and improvements, install the GoTo mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

    GoTo App

    You can use the GoTo app to join and start meetings from anywhere! Watch Video