How do I host an audio only meeting?

    An audio-only meeting allows users to connect to the audio conference of a meeting without launching the screensharing portion of the session.

    Note: If your account has enhanced audio, then you will need to disable the toll-free numbers for the recurring session that you are scheduling (otherwise the audio bridge may not be available for "audio only" access).

    Schedule an audio-only meeting

    Scheduling an audio-only meeting works the same way as a regular meeting! Just make sure to make the meeting a rooms meeting (also known as "recurring meetings") and include long-distance numbers and/or your own conference call information as audio options. Once the meeting is scheduled, you can invite attendees and send out phone only invitations.

    Start the audio-only meeting

    When you're ready for your meeting to start, dial in to the audio conference using the toll phone number. All of your attendees will do the same, and you will all be connected in the audio conference.
    Note: In order to avoid having a meeting accidentally run indefinitely if organizers forget to hang up their telephone, GoTo Meeting has a built-in security feature that will end a toll audio-only call after 120 minutes. If you require your session to extend beyond 2 hours, then you must launch the full meeting with the desktop app or Web App and have at least 1 other participant join.