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Features Overview

GoToAssist has several tools to help you support your customers. These tools can be accessed via the HelpAlert Viewer window or Chat box toolbars.

Shared Screens - HelpAlert allows you to view your customer's screen in real time using the representative Viewer window.
Annotation Tools - Annotation tools allow you and the customer to create and erase illustrations on the shared screen. This ability can assist you in focusing the customer's attention on a particular area when guiding customers during support sessions.
Scripted Messages and URLs - If desired, managers can create pre-scripted messages and quick-link URLs that you can then send to customers during support sessions (such as frequently used responses or questions). This can help you more quickly and easily assist customers by avoiding having to type out frequently used phrases and website URLs.

Feature Comparison Chart

The features that are available to a representative will vary depending on the representative's account settings and the operating system of their customer.

Features Web Chat GoToAssist Corporate Apps for Android GoToAssist Corporate Customer Desktop Application
Mobile customers (HTML) Desktop customers (Flash Player) Samsung device customers LG or other Android device customers macOS customers Windows customers
Chat with customer
Upgrade to standard session    
Transfer Sessions        
Invite reps to session      
File Transfer        
Request diagnostic information      
View the customer's screen     **
Remotely control the customer's screen      
Share the rep's screen          
Log in as administrator          
Use annotation tools        
Reboot and Reconnect        
Run as a Service          
Use automatic greetings
Send scripted messages/URLs

**View-only screen sharing is supported on all non-Samsung devices running Android OS 7 (Nougat) or later.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022