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Reboot and Reconnect

During standard support sessions, you can reboot the customer's computer and have it automatically reconnect to the active support session (i.e., customers do not need to submit another query or download the GoToAssist Corporate Customer software again). This can be helpful when completing software installation and upgrades.

Note: Representatives must be running v11.8, b1205 in order to reboot Mac customers.

If GoToAssist is running as a service on your customer's machine (Windows only), you also have the option to Reboot and Reconnect in Safe Mode. If selected, this option reboots your customer's machine in Safe Mode with Networking and automatically reconnects to the active support session.

In order for the customer's computer to successfully reconnect to the support session after rebooting, the reboot must be initiated from the representative Chat box or Viewer window, and the customer must keep their customer Chat box open during the process (the GoToAssist system will automatically close the Chat box).

  • If Windows or a program installer prompts a restart for changes to take effect, you should choose not to restart from this dialog box, but instead use the reboot feature in the representative Chat box.
  • If a Mac customer attempts to reboot from Apple Menu > Restart, they will be prompted to click Quit or Don't Quit to leave the session. The reboot feature in the representative Chat box or Viewer window must be used in order to be reconnected to the session again.
  1. During a standard support session, click the Reboot button in the representative Chat box or Viewer toolbars (or select System > Reboot and Reconnect from the representative Viewer menu, or select Tools > Reboot and Reconnect from the representative Chat menu).
  2. Click Yes when prompted.
  3. If prompted (depending on your account configuration), the customer should click Yes to allow the restart to continue.
  4. Once the customer's computer has restarted, they should log in with the same Windows or Mac user credentials used to log in to their user account prior to reboot so that the session can be reconnected. The GoToAssist Corporate Customer application will automatically launch and re-join the support session.
    Note: For representatives rebooting a Mac customer's machine, the support session will reconnect once the customer logs in with their Mac user account credentials.
  5. If prompted (depending on your account configuration), the customer should click Yes to restart screen sharing.
    Note: Phone Mode configurations provide customers with the option to cancel the reconnection to the support session.

    Connection to a Windows Desktop

    Connection to a Mac Desktop

    Note: If the customer uses a dial-up internet connection (i.e., they are not automatically connected to the internet when their computer starts), they will need to manually connect to the internet once the system is rebooted in order to continue the support session (depending on the customer's system configuration, they may be prompted to connect to the internet). If they do not reconnect to the internet within 10 minutes, the support session will time out and they will need to resubmit a support request.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022