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FastChat refers to a stand-alone product offering (i.e., a specific configuration of GoToAssist Corporate) that restricts all support sessions to a chat-only, web-based interface.

Chat-only sessions allow customers to participate in support sessions without downloading an .exe file, because sessions are conducted completely within the same web browser as the customer portal (via Adobe Flash Player). This enables faster time into session and quicker problem resolution without involving firewalls or software downloads. Though available for all modes, FastChat is ideal for Web Mode or Queue Mode configurations.

Note: Adobe has stopped support of Flash Player as of December 31, 2020 (details here). All FastChat sessions will now be HTML Chat sessions going forward with no further action required.
Note: FastChat does not include the ability to upgrade chat-only sessions into full screen-sharing sessions. To enable this feature, your account must be upgraded to include Web Chat. Please get in touch with our Customer Care team by selecting Contact Support on this article.

About FastChat

GoToAssist FastChat is an online connection method allowing the customer and representative to immediately communicate in a chat interface. No download is necessary. The customer simply begins typing in a web form hosted on the organization's website. Once a support request is made, representatives can instantly engage with customers to start solving their issues, resulting in faster time-to-session and faster problem resolution. FastChat can be purchased as a standalone product for specialized chat-only teams, such as customer service and sales.


  • Starts customer chat sessions immediately in a browser window.
  • Connects quickly with no customer download required.
  • Accessible through multiple operating systems.
  • Supports both GoToAssist and customized branded connection flows.
  • Allows on-the-fly spell checking in multiple languages, URL push, and pre-scripted messages.
  • Allows chat transcripts to be saved locally and downloaded via the Management Center.
  • Available in all 19 language versions.

Host a FastChat session

If your account is configured for FastChat, then queries will be routed to you via HelpAlert. The following features are available during your session:

  • To send a chat message, click within the text field at the bottom-left of the Chat box and type your message. Click Send or press Enter on your keyboard to send the message.
  • To send a private message (e.g., to another representative, but not the customer), select the recipient from the To drop-down menu before clicking Send.
  • To send a pre-scripted message or URL, click the Message icon or URL icon (see Scripted Messages and URLs for more information).
  • To open a web page on the customer's computer, enter a URL and click Push URL. The customer's computer will automatically open a web browser and direct it to the URL.
  • To use spell check or change the font size, click the Spell Check and Font icons .

Join a FastChat session

As a customer, you can easily join a FastChat session, as follows:

  1. Navigate to the customer portal URL or website provided for support.
  2. Fill in the required fields and click Continue.

  3. Once a representative has accepted your query, you will be connected to a chat-only session within your same web browser window. The following features are available:
    • To send a chat message, click within the text field at the bottom-left of the Chat box and type your message. Click Send or press Enter on your keyboard to send the message.
    • To enable or disable chat sound notifications, click the Sound on/off icon .
      Note: This feature must be enabled within a representative's portal settings.
    • To close your session, click the End Session icon , then click OK to confirm.

Download the chat log

Both you and the customer can view the chat log for the chat session once it has ended.

  • Representatives can go to Session > Save Chat Log in the Representative Chat box to save the .txt file, or view the chat log in a session report.

    Some representatives may not have access to the Management Center to run reports, depending on their account configuration.

  • Customers can click the Save the chat history link that appears at the bottom of the chat log to download and save the .txt file.

Article last updated: 2 November, 2022