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What is the new softphone experience?

Learn more about the new softphone experience available in the desktop and web versions of GoTo!

The new softphone experience will allow users to manage their calls from a dedicated softphone window rather than the main desktop or web app. The window will stay on top of other windows, making it easy to find your call.

Warning: Currently, agent tools such as contact information, history, notes, and pre-recorded messages aren’t available in the new softphone experience.

Enable the new softphone experience

  1. Sign in to the desktop or web app.
  2. Select your profile picture in the top right and then choose Settings.
  3. Expand Voice from the left navigation menu and then select Calls.
  4. Enable New Softphone from the top right. The app will refresh to apply the changes.
  5. Select Phone from the left navigation menu and then select Dial to open the softphone window. The softphone will also open when receiving an incoming call.
  6. Optional: Disable the new softphone experience by selecting your profile picture in the top right of the desktop or web app and then go to Settings > Voice > Calls and disabling New Softphone.

Turn docked mode on and off

Use docked mode to place the softphone into the app instead of having the softphone in a separate window.

Before you begin:
  • Your docked mode selection will be saved per device. If you sign in from another machine or a new browser, you will need to select your preference again.
  • Due to technical limitations with Firefox, users logged in via Firefox will not have the option to pop out or dock the softphone, they will be forced into docked mode.
  • Contact center agents won’t have the ability to dock the softphone at the present time.
  1. From the softphone window, select Dock mode icon from the top right to dock the softphone into the app.
  2. To pop out the softphone into a separate window, select Pop out softphone icon from the top right.