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How do I schedule a meeting with breakout rooms?

Organizers and co-organizers can break out meeting attendees into smaller groups (up to 50 rooms) for separate discussions and activities. It is a great way to keep attendees engaged, manage discussions, and collaborate in smaller groups. To use breakout rooms during a meeting, you must enable the feature for every session you schedule.
In order to use breakout rooms, all participants will need to join from the web or GoTo desktop app and be connected to audio via computer mode (VoIP) .
  1. Sign in to the GoToweb or desktop app.
  2. Select Meetings in the left menu, then + Create.
    Note: To add breakout rooms to an existing meeting, open the meeting details and select Edit.
  3. Select More options, then enable Breakout rooms.
  4. Read through what features will be disabled during the meeting, then select Confirm and turn on.
  5. Select Save.
What to do next: To start and assign a breakout room, view How do I start and assign breakout rooms during a meeting?.