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How do I add co-organizers before the meeting?

Co-organizers have access to the same organizer tools and features during a meeting. They can help facilitate the session or even start it on the organizer's behalf as well as access any recordings.

To add co-organizers before the meeting, they must be users on the same account (other individuals who have an organizer license on the same account as you).
Note: If the co-organizer field is grayed out, please reach out to your account or billing admin. The feature may not be enabled on your account or may not be supported on your GoTo Connect subscription plan.
  1. Sign in to the GoToweb or desktop app.
  2. Either schedule a new meeting or edit an existing one.
  3. Under Co-organizers, select Add.
  4. Use the Add co-organizers field to search for users on your account.
  5. Once all your co-organizers have been added, select Create or Save changes.