How do I add a password to my meeting?

Secure your meetings by adding a password.

Device How-to
GoToConnect Desktop Watch Video
  1. Click GoToConnect Meetings Icon in the left sidebar.
  2. Click Create a meeting.
  3. Select Co-Organizers (optional), enter the Meeting Name and then choose the Meeting Type.
  4. Enable Require a meeting password under Restrictions.
  5. Click Create Meeting.
  6. When joining the meeting, enter the Meeting password you gave the attendees.
  7. Click Set password and join.
GoToConnect Mobile
Note: You cannot create a meeting from GoToConnect mobile.
  1. Create your meeting from GoToConnect desktop and enable a meeting password using the instructions above.
  2. From the mobile app, tap GoToConnect Mobile Meetings Icon.
  3. From Rooms, select your meeting.
  4. Tap Start.
  5. Enter the Meeting Password you gave the attendees.
  6. Tap Start.