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How do I personalize my meeting with a custom link?

Organizers can customize meetings with a memorable link and personalized start page. Customizing it will help you remember the meeting link because you won't have to remember the 9-digit session ID.

The start page welcomes attendees with information included in your user profile.
Note: You do not need to create a personalized start page in order to create a personalized meeting link.
  1. Sign in to the GoToweb or desktop app.
  2. Select + Create meeting or Edit an upcoming scheduled session.
  3. Select More options.
  4. From Personalize your meeting, enable the Custom meeting link checkbox then enter a meeting link.
  5. To change your start page theme color, select the Personalized start page checkbox then use the Theme drop-down menu.
  6. Select Save.
Results: The next time you share your personalized meeting link, attendees will be taken to your start page.