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How do I change the settings on a playlist?

    Update the settings on a playlist as needed.
    Before you begin: You must create a playlist before changing the settings on a playlist.
    1. If you are not already, sign in to GoTo Admin.
    2. From Phone system > Audio library > Playlist, select the playlist that needs changes made.
    3. Change the following:
      • Name: From Details, select Edit IconEdit details to edit the name, and then select Save.
      • Enable/disable shuffle: From Details, select Edit IconEdit details to enable/disable Shuffle, and then select Save.
      • Add songs to the playlist: From Playlist, select Add to Playlist to make changes.
      • View/change where the playlist is being used: From Associated Resources, view where the playlist is used in the admin portal. Navigate to that resource directly to make changes.
    Results: While in a playlist's profile, you can select three dot icon in the top-right to make changes or delete the playlist. Use the breadcrumb on the top-left to go back to the main list or use the arrows to navigate each playlist's detail page.