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Enhanced 911 Upgrade FAQs

    Discover what has changed, what actions you need to take, and other common questions regarding our new self-serve, emergency callback and location system. This feature is only available in the United States and Canada at this time.

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    What changed?

    Previously, all accounts were using V1 of our e911 system. Now V3 is available. Learn more below about the differences between V1 and V3.

    V1 — You have to contact us to update your emergency information and there is a fee.

    V3 — You can make changes to your emergency information from within the admin portal, without any additional charges. We did not change the way your 911 works, the migration only compiled all of your outbound emergency phone numbers with their associated addresses that we had on file, and put them in your admin portal. If you notice that a device is not where it should be or an address is incorrect, most likely, it has always been incorrect.

    How do I know which version my account is using?

    If you see the Locations icon in the left navigation menu, and the Emergency locations tab, then your account has been upgraded to V3.
    GoTo Admin Locations view

    If you do not see the banner or Emergency locations, then you are still on V1.

    How do I upgrade to V3?

    If you know your account had previously set up emergency locations:
    1. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for troubleshooting your setup and upgrading to V3. We have learned that a few accounts were not successfully upgraded due to an invalid setup.
    If your account has never set up emergency locations and you see this banner in GoTo Admin:
    e911 banner
    1. Go to Locations in the left navigation menu of the admin portal and confirm all addresses and callback numbers listed are correct.
      1. Incorrect information? You can create new locations, delete old locations, and assign users/devices to the correct location all from within the portal. For detailed steps, refer to How do I manage my emergency locations?. When complete, select the link located in the banner.
      2. Correct information? Select the link in the banner.

    Is there a way to make bulk changes?

    Bulk tools are not yet available.

    Why do I see duplicate addresses in my locations?

    When you originally ordered your phone numbers, you provided the same address for multiple outgoing emergency phone numbers. Since we don’t know which callback number is the best one, we display duplicates of the address after upgrade. You can consolidate them by deleting the duplicates or keep them.

    Why aren't all of my phone numbers listed as callback numbers?

    Not every phone number is used as an outbound emergency phone number when calling emergency services. Only phone numbers that are set as an outbound emergency are used in the event of a 911 call.

    The upgrade took all of your used outbound emergency phone numbers on file and displayed them in the portal as callback numbers along with their corresponding addresses that you provided.

    How do I know which location is my default emergency location?

    Your default emergency location is the same as it was in the previous system. In the Locations list, a Default emergency location tag is listed next to the default location's name. If you have devices that are not assigned to an emergency location, they will automatically use the default emergency location.

    Default Emergency Location tag

    You can view and/or modify your default emergency location in Settings. For detailed steps, refer to How do I set up a default emergency location?.

    Why is my emergency location in a "pending" state?

    We verify all emergency locations. If our team is unable to verify the emergency location address, it is placed in a Pending state until we can validate the address or reach out to you for verification. Please allow up to 5 business days for our team to contact you. Once we receive confirmation and/or address correction, we will update the status to Registered. If we do not receive a response and cannot verify the address, the status will be displayed as Failed.

    How do I add a specific building or room to an emergency location?

    We refer to these specific buildings or rooms as sub-locations. Sub-locations can be added directly in a device's settings or a user's settings. For detailed steps, refer to How do I assign a device to an emergency location? and/or How do I assign a user to an emergency location?.

    What happens when my users travel?

    • We recommend users call 911 from their cellular phone whenever possible for the most accurate location.
    • If the user dials 911 through the GoTo app from their cellular phone, the cellular network will override this emergency location and use the GPS coordinates instead.
    • If the user dials 911 from their laptop through the GoTo app, this emergency location would be dispatched to emergency services.

    How do I view which devices are not assigned to an emergency location?

    You will need to contact your Customer Success Manager or support partner to request an export list of your devices. Then, cross reference that device list with your emergency locations export. To learn how to export a list of your locations, refer to How do I manage my locations?.
    Article last updated: 21 March, 2023