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How do I connect to audio using my phone?

    If it's enabled by your organizer for this session, you can connect to the training audio by dialing in from your phone if your internet bandwidth is weak or if you simply prefer to use a phone.

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    Tip: If you need to join from multiple devices, you can disable Audio from the preview screen before joining from the additional devices so that you don't experience audio feedback.

    Desktop app or web

    Audio quality may vary depending on your telephone service provider. To avoid noise feedback, headphones or headsets are recommended. If you do not see the Phone option described below, then it hasn't been enabled by your organizer as a viable audio option for this session.
    1. Start or join a training.
    2. Select Phone as follows.
      • Before the session, select Call in using my phone.
      • During the session, select Settings icon > Phone call.
    3. Use your phone to dial the number applicable to you.
    4. When prompted, enter the 9-digit access code and the audio PIN.
      Note: The audio PIN links your phone call to the session so that you show as a registered caller and it allows you to manage your audio using keypad commands. This PIN can be found in your Settings.
    If the organizer has enabled the phone audio option and you have correctly followed these steps, but you are unable to connect to the session at all, it's possible that your telephone service provider is experiencing issue. Try using a different phone, or connect using the device's computer mic and speakers instead.

    Mobile app

    1. Open the GoTo mobile app on your device.
    2. Start or join a training.
    3. Connect to phone audio.
      • Android — Select Settings icon.
      • iOS — Select More icon > Session settings.
    4. Select Dial in via phone call.
    5. Select Dial.
    Results: The conference call number, access code and Audio PIN are automatically dialed.