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How do I manage phone audio using keypad commands?

After you are dialed in to the audio portion of the training, use your phone's keypad to manage the audio of the conference call via the available commands.

  • *2 (Organizers only) – Allows you to hear the number of attendees currently dialed in via telephone
  • *3 – Turns "on-hold" beeps on or off
  • *4 – Allows you to hear a menu of keypad commands available to you
  • *5 (Organizers only) – Changes the listening mode of all attendees. Pressing this command repeatedly will cycle through the following modes:
    • Soft mute: All attendees are automatically muted, but they can unmute themselves if desired.
    • Hard mute: All attendees are automatically muted and cannot unmute themselves.
    • Unmute: All attendees are automatically unmuted (default mode).
  • *6 – Mutes or unmutes your audio
  • *8 (Organizers only) – Changes both the entry and exit chime controls simultaneously. Pressing this command repeatedly will cycle through the on mode (default) and the off mode.
  • *09 – Reports audio issues with a 60 second recording. If you hear a "Your entry is not valid" response, select *0.