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What happens after I start or join the webinar?

    You are prompted to choose your audio mode before being connected to the webinar. Additionally, you can test your mic and speakers from this screen.

    If you are an attendee joining a webinar, you do not need your own GoTo Webinar account and do not need to sign in.

    1. Start or join the webinar.
    2. In the pre-session audio window, do the following.
      • Select your audio mode (computer audio, phone call, or no audio).
      • Choose and test your mic and speakers.
      • Choose the display language.
        Note: If you are not prompted with this window and taken to a browser instead, you are joining a different type of webinar that only allows computer audio. Please hold until the organizer starts the webinar.
    3. If you are the organizer, select OK to be connected to the webinar. If you are an attendee, you will be connected once the organizer starts the webinar.
      Note: If you do not reach the pre-session window or a browser, there was an issue along the way. Make sure you meet the minimum system requirements.
      Pre-Session Audio Window
    Results: You're connected to the webinar!