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Recorded Webinars FAQs

Recorded webinars (formerly called "Simulated Live" webinars) allow you to record a live webinar and replay that recording with interaction multiple times. View frequently asked questions about Recorded webinar events.

How do I manage audio settings?

Recorded events use computer audio only (i.e., no dial-in telephone numbers are offered). You do not need to change any audio settings for these sessions, as the audio will automatically play back for attendees using their computer's mic and speakers.

Can I manage registration and email settings?

Yes, like with Standard and Webcast webinars you can choose whether you want to manually or automatically approve registrants as well as send Confirmation, Reminder and Follow-up emails. Note that Reminder and Absentee follow-up emails are not offered for Recorded webinars scheduled "on demand" because registrants are launched into session right away.

Can I use polls, handouts, and surveys with Recorded webinars?

Yes, any polls or surveys that were created for the original webinars will also be launched in the Recorded webinar, without your needing to take any additional action.

How does Q&A work with Recorded webinars?

Attendees can submit a question by clicking the floating Question button in the bottom-right corner. After the session, you will receive a list of questions submitted so that you can follow up with attendees.

Can my attendees fast-forward or rewind Recorded webinars?

Yes, you can check the "Show Player Controls (to Attendees)" box in the event details to allow attendees to pause, rewind, and fast forward through the webinar.

What is the attendee limit for Recorded webinars?

Unlike with Standard or Webcast webinars, the number of attendees who can watch your Recorded webinar is determined by the registrantion limit. For example, on an account that allows 100 attendees per webinar, you can choose to allow up to 1,000 registrants for each session. So any live webinars that you host (either Standard or Webcast) will have that 100-attendee max, but any Recorded webinars that you host can have up to 1,000 registrants watch it before it becomes unavailable. Learn how you can set a Registration Limit for each individual webinar.

How do I switch my scheduled webinar between Standard, Webcast and Recorded?

Since Recorded webinars are a played-back webinar recording, it is not possible to "switch" them to a live session. If you want to use a different recording, then you can schedule a new Recorded webinar and select the correct webinar you want to replay.

How do I promote attendees to co-organizer, panelist or presenter?

It is not possible or necessary to promote attendees during a Recorded webinar as it is a played-back webinar recording from a previous session.

Can I add a password to my Recorded webinars?

No. Recorded webinars cannot be password protected.

Can I see Recorded webinars in my webinar history or webinar insights?

At this time, Recorded webinars do not appear in your webinar history or insights, but you can run reports on them in the regular reporting section.