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Recorded Webinar Events (Simulated Live Webinars)

    Recorded events (formerly called "Simulated Live" webinars) allow you to record a live webinar, then replay that recording with attendee engagement. It's an easier, scalable, and interactive way to run presentations and demos regularly.You can set a scheduled time or choose to leave the webinar open so that attendees register and join right away (i.e., “on demand” webinars).

    Schedule a Recorded event

    1. Host and record a Standard or Webcast webinar.
      Tip: This can be a live event that you already have scheduled or an event with no attendees for the sole purpose of replaying it as a Recorded event later.
    2. Sign in to your account, then select Schedule +.
    3. Enter the event title and select Recorded as the event type.
    4. Customize your event details.
      • Occurrence – Choose how often this event will occur. If you want your attendees to watch the event at any time, select On demand then set a start and end date.
        Note: If you select No end date, it will be available for 1 year after the start date.
      • Start Date and Time – Choose the date and time of the event(s). To add multiple sessions, select + Add Another Session.
      • Time Zone – Choose the event time zone. This is set to your computer's time zone by default.
    5. To publish this Recorded event to your GoTo Stage channel, select Add to my channel then choose a channel.
      Important: If you publish the event to your channel, you will not be able to change or swap the recording after it has been scheduled.
    6. Select Add a recording and find the webinar recording that you hosted in Step #1, then select Add.
      Note: If your event just ended, you will need to allow time for the recording to fully process.
    7. Select Schedule.
    Results: You’re ready to customize your event! Any polls and surveys run during the live session will automatically launch during the Recorded event playback, so do you do not need to manually recreate them for this session.
    Note: You can allow attendees to pause, rewind, and fast forward the webinar by checking the "Show Player Controls (to Attendees)" box in the event details.

    Change the recording of a Recorded event

    1. Sign in to your account at
    2. Select the Recorded event to open its event details.
    3. Under About, select the field with the attached recording.
    4. Choose a different recording, then select Save.

      Troubleshooting: If you cannot change the recording, it may be because you published it to your GoTo Stage channel. In this case, you will have to create a new Recorded event and add the correct recording.

    Results: The recording has been updated!

    Start the event

    There is no Start button for Recorded events. That's because they are designed to launch themselves automatically, either at the scheduled date and time or "on-demand" depending on the occurrence you selected.