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GoTo Webinar Features FAQs

Review frequently asked questions around GoTo Webinar features.

How do I customize my registration page?

On the Event Details page, open the Registration card to customize the registration settings.

  • Add additional registration fields (first name, last name and email address are always required)
  • Create your own registration questions
  • Set the approval process
  • Set up registration notification emails
  • Add a password to your webinar

How do I monitor my attendees during a session?

Using the GoTo WebinarDashboard, you can easily check attendance patterns and monitor attentiveness by viewing the status bars at the top. Green bars indicate 100% session attentiveness, yellow bars indicate mediocre attentiveness and red bars indicate lack of attentiveness. You can also see the number of open questions and hands raised at any time.

What's the difference between Chat and Q & A?

The Chat feature allows organizers to send private messages to panelists or broadcast messages to all attendees. The Q & A feature allows attendees to type and send questions to organizers and panelists who can respond with answers privately or to the entire audience.

How do I save Q & A sessions?

Question and answer sessions are automatically saved and ready for viewing in the Attendee Report 2 hours after the session's scheduled end time.

Can I allow a co-presenter to help me with a session?

Yes. Organizers may invite additional presenters to a session as panelists. During a session, panelists are able to speak to the audience or share content from their own computers.

Can I approve registrants before allowing them to attend?

Yes, you can change your registration settings from automatic approval to manual approval so that you can view all registrants and either approve or deny them before they receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to join the session.

Can I draw on and highlight screen content during a presentation?

Yes. GoTo Webinar allows organizers and panelists on Windows computers to use Drawing Tools to highlight and annotate their presentation. These tools include highlighter, pen, spotlight and arrow functions.

Can I conduct Polls and Surveys of my attendees?

Yes. Organizers can create Polls and Surveys before the session begins on the Manage Webinar page. GoTo Webinar organizers can also launch on-the-fly Polls during a session and include a Survey immediately after the session or in attendee follow-up emails.

Can I upload PowerPoint® presentations?

With GoTo Webinar's screen-sharing technology, there's no need to upload your presentation before your event. Just run it on your desktop and share your screen. If you want your PowerPoint to be downloadable by your attendees, you can upload it as a handout.

Can I take control of attendee desktops?

Yes, but only if they give you permission. To take control of an attendee's keyboard and mouse, they must be the active presenter.

How do I share one application and nothing else?

A presenter on a Windows computer can share a single application, program, monitor or window by clicking the Show My Screen button on the Control Panel and then selecting which application to share.