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Feature Comparison: Webinars vs. Virtual Events

Webinars and virtual events both allow you to host engaging live and pre-recorded sessions. However, a virtual event takes place over multiple sessions and days.


With flexible scheduling and interactive features, you can host virtual conferences and extend your reach. Webinars are perfect for:
  • Trainings.
  • Corporate communications.

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Virtual Events

Virtual events allow you to host multiple webinar sessions over multiple days in one event. It gives you access to all the same features as regular webinars and allows you to manage multi-session attendance in one simple interface. Virtual events are perfect for:
  • Sales kick-off meetings.
  • Internal trainings.
  • Multi-day conferences.

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  Features Webinars Virtual Events
Organizers and staff Register attendees in bulk
Launch polls and surveys ✓ (if enabled by the organizer)
Record the session
Send emails to registrants
Upload videos to share
Live stream the session
Include speaker details (different from panelists)
Start without scheduling in advance
Generate reports and analytics
Charge attendees
Attendees Dial in via phone ✓ (if enabled by the organizer)
Ask questions
Unmute audio