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Send a digital certificate of completion for the training to attendees in a follow-up email.

Note: The features that are available on your account may vary depending on your subscription plan.
  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Create a new session or select the existing one that you want to edit from My Trainings.
  3. From Step 2: Share and Track Your Training > Certificate, select Edit.
  4. Enable Send Follow-Up Email to Attendees > Add the attendee certificate.
  5. Make any other desired changes.
  6. Select Save when finished.

    Result: Attendees will see a link to their digital certificate in your "Thank you for attending training" follow-up email. First and last names with over 50 characters will be cropped. Have them select My Certificate to open it in a new browser and save/download/print as desired.

If your attendee didn't receive their certificate, verify that they are checking the email that they registered with, and then have them check their spam/junk folder. It's possible that their email client filtered out your follow-up email or that your company's servers might have blocked the email due to security firewalls. Unfortunately, certificates cannot be resent.