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How do I change in-session settings?

Enable and disable the following in-session settings. The availability of the various options will vary based on your role and the account settings. Changes made to your settings will be remembered for future sessions on the same device.

Notice: This article addresses the new GoTo app experience. View How do I enable or disable attendee features? (Classic) for the classic experience.

Audio Settings

  • Select the preferred option for connecting your audio
  • Select the preferred device for your Microphones and Speakers

Camera Settings

Session Settings

  • Select your display language
  • Enable/disable Show who's talking — Displays the active speakers name when enabled
  • Enable/disable Allow hand raising — Allows attendees to raise their hand to grab your attention and/or add reactions when enabled
  • Enable/disable Allow sound effects for reactions — Allows attendees to choose to enable or disable sounds for their reactions when enabled
    Note: This setting is only available for the starting organizer and is disabled by default. Once enabled, however, it will persist for all meetings started by that same organizer on the same device until the browser cache is cleared (in which case, it will return to the default state). Before it becomes available for an organizer to enable on a per session basis, the account admin has to enable the Audio reactions feature generally in their system settings.
  • Enable/disable Play entry and exit chimes — Plays a chime every time someone joins or leaves a session when enabled
  • Enable/disable Send desktop notifications for new chats — Alerts you to new messages when enabled
  • Enable/disable Allow mic — Allows attendees to unmute themselves when enabled
  • Enable/disable Allow camera — Allows attendees to share their camera when enabled
  • Enable/disable Chat with — Allows attendees to chat and choose who they can chat with when enabled
  • Enable/disable View the attendee list — Allows attendees to see other participants when enabled
  • Enable/disable View materials — Allows attendees to view and download materials when enabled
  • Enable/disable Turn on efficiency mode — Allows the attendee to save their resources by adjusting media quality