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Welcome to GoTo Training — an interactive tool that brings people together online to view each others' screens, share webcams with HD video, and use advanced collaboration tools to work together, all while connected using GoTo Training's integrated audio. Organizers can also deliver tests, polls, and evaluations, make materials available online, and charge for trainings if desired.

We have many available options to assist in the learning process for organizers, attendees and administrators. Please take a look at the options below and select the best suited venues for you and your associates.

Free Trainings

GoTo is happy to provide free, regularly recurring product training for our online services. Attend both the Basics and Advanced courses and get the opportunity to book a free 30-minute custom meeting for advanced questions. Sign up now!

Video Tutorials

We offer a variety of Training Videos that only take a couple of minutes to go through and can be done at your leisure. Below are some of our most popular video tutorials:

Support Articles

Our articles are a handy tool to help walk you through the basics of using GoTo Training as well as assist you if you get stuck along the way. Below are some of our most popular GoTo Training help articles: