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Activities & Breakouts Guide for Attendees

Learn how to participate in activities and breakouts in the GoToTraining Instant Join app

1Prepare to attend the training

Before you attend a training, review these best practices.

2Register and join the training

Once you register for a training, you will receive a Confirmation email. When it's time to join the training, open the Confirmation email and click the Join link. A Google Chrome browser will open and launch you into session!

Note: If you see see a "Copy the link & open in Chrome" message, you are joining from an unsupported browser. Download Google Chrome and join again.

GoToTraining Confirmation Email

3Connect your audio and webcam

The first time you join a training from the Instant Join app, you will have to grant your browser permission to your audio and webcam devices.

  • As soon as you're in the training, your browser will attempt to connect your mic and speakers to the audio conference. To connect your audio, click Allow. Learn more about connecting to audio.
  • To share your webcam, click the Settings icon and Webcam tab. Select the webcam device and click Allow when prompted by Google Chrome. Learn more about sharing your webcam.
Allow GoToTraining Access to Microphone

4Prepare for activities & breakouts

Activities & Breakouts is a great way for participants to interact and engage. If the organizer prepared activities for the training, keep note of the following.

  • During an activity, the organizer may start a breakout session. This can include the entire training group or you may be split into smaller groups (either randomly generated by GoToTraining or selected by your organizer).
  • During a breakout, you may have the ability to share your screen, share your webcam, raise your hand to grab the organizer's attention, see other members of your breakout, and chat with them.
  • You will see a 10-second countdown timer before the activity ends. This is a signal to wrap up your breakout as you'll be taken to the main training session.

5Learn about the different activities

There are 4 activities the organizer can launch. During all activities, you will be able to see other members in your breakout group, share your webcam, raise your hand to grab the organizer's attention, and chat with others. Keep in mind the organizer can switch to a new type of activity at any time during the session.

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During an audio-only breakout, you will be able to talk to and collaborate with others in the same breakout group. During this breakout, no screen will be shared.
You will be able to share your screen and talk to others in the same breakout group. Learn more.
The organizer can choose an image, PDF, or video for you.
  • If you are viewing a PDF or image, you will be able to chat and talk with other members in your breakout group about it.
  • If you are watching a video, you will have play/pause controls once the organizer begins the video (unless you are watching a video with the entire training group).
The organizer can choose a file in Google Drive (Google Doc, Google Sheet, Google Slide, or Google Drawing) for you. You and other members in you group can make edits and collaborate on the file. Learn more.

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6Troubleshoot issues and view additional help

If you encounter issues, review the common troubleshooting tips below or visit the support site. If you can't find the issue that applies to you, please let your organizer know so they can collect logs to help the Customer Support representative troubleshoot and identify the issue.

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  1. Close all open GoToTraining tabs.
  2. Clear your Google Chrome cache and cookies.
  3. Rejoin the training.
Poor network performance, lack of memory, or high CPU usage often causes the audio quality to drop, become delayed, or sound robotic. Learn more.
  • Run the GoToMeeting Connection Wizard to troubleshoot connection issues.
  • Try closing all applications you aren't using to free up some bandwidth.

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Are you an organizer? Check our Activities & Breakouts Organizer Guide. If you need additional information, please visit the GoToTraining support site or contact us.