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Working with Windows Updates in GoTo Resolve

    You can view and manage those devices where there is at least one Windows update available. This feature requires a Premium license.

    How it works

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    The Windows updates page in GoTo Resolve is not a simple copy of your Devices page: even though it lists all your devices, you can only manage your Pro devices. The list of available updates is provided by Microsoft, including the update's category, severity, and other properties that are all listed on one page. You can select any number of devices that you want to update, and, similarly, you can choose any Windows update to deploy to your devices. For example, you may want to install all Windows updates to those remote devices that were last updated before a specific date. In this case, you can sort the available updates by their Last updated status.
    Tip: Users without a Premium license can also view the available Windows updates on remote devices but they cannot install those updates.

    Installing updates includes the following steps:


    As a best practice, you should always install the latest mandatory Windows updates to your remote devices. By installing critical updates, you reduce your devices' vulnerability.

    Article last updated: 17 November, 2022