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How do I View Past Windows Updates in GoTo Resolve?

    You can view a list of Windows updates that were previously installed on your remote devices.

    Remember: Windows updates are available for users with Premium licenses only. Updates can be deployed on devices that are both Pro and verified.
    1. In the Console, go to the Devices page.
    2. At the top of the device list, select Windows Update.
      Devices that have Windows updates available are displayed.
    3. Above the list of your devices, select View your updates.
      Updates currently running are listed on the Scheduled and running tab.
      • Updates currently installed on devices are listed on the Active and scheduled tab. Scheduled updates will be available in an upcoming release.
      • Updates that have already been applied to devices are listed on the Installed tab.
    4. Search for the name of your installed Windows updates.
    5. Hover over an update and click See details to view the Remote Execution job that installed the Windows updates.
    6. Hover over an update and click See details again.
      The list of installed Windows patches is displayed.
      Note: You can also download a log of the installation process to view additional details. See How to Work with Logs in Remote Execution.
    Article last updated: 21 November, 2022