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Working with Alerts in GoTo Resolve

Alerts notify you of specific events or problems that occur on one or multiple devices in your account. This feature provides a quick and easy way to monitor any number of devices from the Console.

How it works

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Working with alerts does not stop at creating and assigning alert policies to devices, though it definitely starts there. Alert policies continuously monitor devices and when a certain threshold is reached, an email notification is sent. For example, you can set an alert to monitor the memory usage of a device. When it reaches, say, 80% for five minutes, then selected admins to receive an email about the issue. From the email, an admin can go directly to the alert in the Console:

In the Console, an admin has the following options:

Create a ticket
Creates a Helpdesk ticket using the details of the alert.
When the alert requires no further action, you can remove it from the list.
Edit policy
Change the alert policy that created the alert. See How do I Set up Alerts in GoTo Resolve?
Manage device
View real-time information of the device that sent the alert.
Important: When a device is in a group that you have no access to, you will not see that alert.

For more information, see How do I Manage Incoming Alerts in GoTo Resolve?


As a best practice, you should view device properties first (Manage device). This may instantly give you an idea about why GoTo Resolve triggered the alert. If that does not offer you an immediate resolution, you can create a helpdesk ticket so that you or another admin can diagnose the issue later on. As the last step, you can go back to the Alerts page and Acknowledge the alert to let everyone in your organization know that the issue has been resolved.

Article last updated: 19 September, 2023