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What is GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection powered by Bitdefender?

GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection uses a Bitdefender engine to get real-time information to proactively identify and protect against unique, sophisticated threats. It allows you to manage threat status, update the virus definition, and see the result of the most recent scan.

Important: This feature does not support devices where the system time is out of sync by more than five minutes.
Once you have installed GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection to your devices, the following features are available:
  • Anti-phishing
  • Firewall
  • File scan
  • Behavioral scan
  • Traffic scan
  • Data loss prevention
  • Scan for adware, spyware, and key loggers
  • Protection against ransomware
  • USB scan
  • Besides GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection, you can have another antivirus software installed on a device.
  • Make sure your Windows OS is supported and you have sufficient GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection licenses. To purchase more of licenses available, click the license info in the top-right corner:

How can admins and agents make devices safe?

Admins and agents can do the following to protect devices:

  • Run quick or full scan
  • View the last scan report
  • Update the virus definition

For more information, see How do Agents Manage GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection?

What can end-users do to protect their devices?

The end-user present at the device can perform the most important actions that agents and admins can do. These include:

  • Run quick, full or custom scans
  • View the log of scans
  • Quarantine threats
  • Manage firewall rules (when a firewall is enabled)
  • View Endpoint Protection events that were performed on the device

See How does GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection Empower End-users?

Are there any special system requirements for using Endpoint Protection?

Yes. GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection supports the following operating systems:

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Windows 11 64-bit

Currently, macOS, iOS, Android, and 32-bit Windows operating systems are not supported. Macs running "Parallels Desktop for Mac" are not supported either.

Make sure you also configure your firewall to allow traffic necessary for gathering information related to Microsoft Windows updates. See the list of IP addresses under "Optional Domains and Ports".

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I uninstall or disable GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection?
Currently, you cannot uninstall GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection from a device directly from GoTo Resolve. This is coming in a later release.
Is GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection supported on Macs?
No, not yet. Not even if you run "Parallels Desktop for Mac" to emulate Windows 11 on your Mac.
Do I have to uninstall my 3rd-party antivirus software before installing GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection?
No. You can leave your current antivirus software on your device.
Where can I purchase GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection licenses?
To purchase licenses, in the Console, click the license info in the top-right corner:

Article last updated: 20 June, 2023