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How do I Start a Support Session from a Ticket in Microsoft Teams?

Agents can initiate support sessions with end users.

Remember: This feature is not available with a Free subscription. Check out which subscription you need to get the most of GoTo Resolve.
Important: The ticket must be assigned to you to start a support session.
  1. In Microsoft Teams, choose the team that is set up as a support channel.
  2. Select the ticket from where you want to start a support session.
  3. Choose Support session.
    The person receiving support has to accept the agent's request, and then download and run the GoTo Resolve app. During the support session, the end user can pause screen sharing.
  4. To end the session, select End session.

What can agents do during support sessions?

  • Chat with the end user.
  • View details of the remote device, including CPU and memory usage, and system information.
  • Add notes and accounting information to the session that are visible in reports.
  • Send and receive files.
  • Reboot the end user's computer.
  • Switch between end user's monitors.
  • Share your screen with the end user.
  • Close the session.

For more information on the agent's experience during support sessions, see Managing Support Sessions from the Console.

Article last updated: 21 July, 2022