Change Custom Settings (Administrator)

Once you have completed Step 1 – Select Users or Groups, you can proceed to Step 2.

Topics in this article:

Step 2 – Change Settings

Add Custom Fields

Audio Settings

Step 2 – Change Settings

Administrators can change the following custom settings for users and groups:

  • Long distance numbers
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Participants enter conference muted
  • Conference can continue after organizer leaves
  • Record conference
  • Security code for each conference
  • Client charge code
  • Prompt participants for names when joining
  • Announce arrival of each participant
  • Announce departure of each participant
  • Automatically send attendee report to organizer
  • Automatically send recording link to organizer

Add Custom Fields

Administrators can define custom fields (e.g., attributes) that will appear on the User Details page for each user on their account by clicking Admin Settings in the left navigation, scrolling to the "Custom Field" section, then clicking Add a Custom Field (the custom field can include numeric and alpha characters).

When the administrator views the User Details page for a user on their account, the new custom field will be displayed. The new field will also be included in the search results when the administrator performs a search on the Manage Users page, so that all users with that defined attribute will appear.

A column for custom attributes will also appear in the Activity Report, the Usage Report, Meeting History Report and the Scheduled Meetings Report.

  • To edit a custom field, admins can click the name of the field, make the desired changes and click Save.
  • To delete a custom field, admins can click the Trash icon next to the desired field.

Audio Settings

You can change the audio setting for selected users or groups by selecting a setting or feature and then choosing 1 of the following options when prompted:

  • On – By default, this feature is turned on (enabled), but the organizer can turn off (disable) this feature.
  • Off - By default, this feature is turned off (disabled), but the organizer can turn on (enable) this feature (only available for audio settings).
  • Disabled – The organizer cannot use this feature. The option is locked in the organizer web app.
  • Required – The organizer must use this feature. The option is locked in the organizer web app.

When you’re done, click Save. Custom settings override the default settings.

Note: For feature settings that require the organizer to further select countries, click the Countries link under the Details column. Select the countries check box and click Save to apply your selection.


Administrator Guide (PDF)