How do I set up GoToRoom with Dolby Voice Huddle?

GoToRoom is an all-in-one hardware system that lets you set up a small to mid-sized room (recommended meeting space up to 15') to be ready to join and host meetings in an instant. Learn more about GoToRoom with Dolby Voice Huddle.

Unpack your equipment

Items and accessories included in the GoToRoom onboarding kit:
  • Dolby Voice Huddle - Audio and webcam device to connect to VoIP audio and broadcast the room to other attendees.
    • HDMI cable
    • 90-degree HDMI adapter for wall mount
    • Ethernet cable
    • Power cable
  • Dolby MIMO Touch - Mini display to start and join meetings and manage in-session features.
    • USB cable
    • Cable cover and screws
  • Dolby Voice Expansion Mic - Satellite audio device to provide optimum audio.
    • HDMI cable
Other accessories included in the kit:
  • Wall mounting kit for the huddle (optional)
  • Screen stand and screws for the touch panel
  • Mini HDMI connector for the expansion mic
Additional requirements:
  • Display screen (monitor or television) with audio output
  • HDMI cable (for HDMI capture)

Set up your equipment

(a) Dolby Voice Huddle
  1. Plug the power cable into the huddle.
    Note: Plugging the power cable into the wall will be the last step as it powers on the system.
  2. Use the included ethernet cable to connect the huddle to a network ethernet port.
  3. Use the included HDMI cable to connect the mic to the display.
(b) Dolby MIMO touch panel
  1. Use the included USB cable to connect the touch panel to the huddle.
(c) Dolby Voice Expansion Mic
  1. Use the power cable to connect the mic to the huddle.
  2. Plug the power cable (found connected to the huddle) to an outlet. The system should turn on automatically.
(d) GoToRoom management
  1. You're ready to start and join meetings! Continue the setup by customizing the system's settings and integrating your Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or Google calendar.