How do I use the Dolby Conference Phone as a regular telephone?

Your IT admin needs to provision the Dolby Conference Phone to your existing phone system. If you're using GoToConnect (formerly called "Jive") as your phone system, make sure a device profile has been created and the phone's MAC address has been assigned to the device profile.
  1. Find the phone's IP address by tapping Settings icon > Advanced Dolby Settings > More icon > About > System > IP address.
  2. On a separate computer, open a browser and type in "https://" followed by the IP address.
  3. Accept the insecure certificate.
  4. Log in with the following credentials:

    • Username: admin
    • Default password: 1739

  5. Follow Section 5.6 of the Dolby Voice Room Administrator's Guide on how to finish provisioning the conference phone to work as a regular telephone.
For additional support, please contact your PBX provider.