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How do I use the Dolby Conference Phone as a regular telephone?

    Your IT admin needs to provision the Dolby Conference Phone to your existing phone system. If you're using GoTo Connect (formerly called "Jive") as your phone system, make sure a device profile has been created and the phone's MAC address has been assigned to the device profile.
    1. Find the phone's IP address by tapping Settings icon > Advanced Dolby Settings > More icon > About > System > IP address.
    2. On a separate computer, open a browser and type in "https://" followed by the IP address.
    3. Accept the insecure certificate.
    4. Log in with the following credentials:
      • Username: admin
      • Default password: 1739
    5. Follow Section 5.6 of the Dolby Voice Room Administrator's Guide on how to finish provisioning the conference phone to work as a regular telephone.
    What to do next: For additional support, please contact your PBX provider.