How do I create a user with a device?

Create a user, line, and device at the same time and link the three together.

You must have admin or super admin permissions.
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Attention: This action creates a new billable device.
  1. Log in at
  2. Click Users in the left sidebar and then click Wizard.
  3. Enter the user’s First Name, Last Name, and Email.
  4. The next available number will automatically populate the Extension Number; change this as needed.
  5. Optional: Omit the user's extension from directories:
    Option Description
    Omit from Directory Removes the line from all internal directories.
    Omit from Auto Attendant Extension Dialing Removes the line from auto attendant extension dialing.
  6. Add the user's phone to the system:
    Option Description
    Use Existing Links the device to previously created hardware profile.
    Create New Creates a new device and links it to the new user.
    • MAC Address: A 12 digit string which is typically found on the bottom of the device.
    • Model: This is automatically populated when you provision the device and is therefore optional for all devices except the Cisco 79xx series and Cyberdata paging devices.
  7. Optional: Edit any of the default device settings:
    Option Setting
    Presence Aware Enables presence monitoring to visually monitor speed dial contacts assigned to line keys on the phone to know if they are on an active call.
    Name The name used to identify the device in the admin portal.
    Display Name The name displayed on the phone.
    Note: Not all phones support this feature.
  8. Click Ok and then click the new user to configure their settings.
  9. Optional: Click Devices or Lines in the left sidebar to configure the user's phone or line settings.
To bring your user and their phone to life, route a phone number to their line, add the user into a user group, add their line into a dial plan, or give the user various permissions.