How do I create a user with or without a device?

Create a standalone user or a user with a line and device - whether that's a deskphone or a softphone.

Before you begin: You must have admin or super admin permissions.
About this task:
Attention: This action creates a new billable device if you select an option under User and Device Settings. If you have purchased the Connect Bundle, this process will also auto-generate your user license for GoToMeeting.
  1. Log in at
  2. Click Users in the left sidebar and then click Add User.
  3. Enter the user’s First Name, Last Name, and Email.

    Note: The email address entered here will be used as the JiveID to login to any applications and softphones.

  4. The next available number will automatically populate the Extension Number; change this as needed.
  5. Complete the User and Device Settings:
    Option Description
    Enable Softphone Allows the user to access GoToConnect desktop or mobile.
    Assign a Deskphone Allows the user to choose an existing phone or add a new phone.
    • New Device: Creates a new device and links it to the new user.
      • MAC Address: A 12 digit string which is typically found on the bottom of the device.
      • Model (Optional): You can leave this field blank and it will automatically populate when you provision the device. It is therefore optional for all devices except some paging devices.
    • Existing Device: Links the device to a previously created hardware profile upon selection.

    Tip: You can leave both options unchecked to create a standalone user as long as the Identification fields are complete.

  6. Complete the Administrator's Permissions (Optional):
    Option Description
    Super Administrator Allows the user full access to the PBX.
    Custom Allows the user to choose from the following permissions:
    • Configure PBX
    • View Invoices
    • Pay Invoices
    • View Reports
    None Does not add any user permissions.
  7. Click Ok and then click the new user to configure their settings.
  8. Optional: Click Devices or Lines in the left sidebar to configure the user's phone or line settings.
What to do next: To bring your user and their phone to life, have them register their email/JiveID and then route a phone number to their line, add the user into a user group, add their line into a dial plan, give the user various permissions, or set them up with GoToConnect on their mobile or desktop.