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What GoTo Room features does the Dolby hardware support?

    On April 1, 2022, GoTo will support Dolby hardware as an InRoom Link-based device only. That means you can only join meetings as a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) client and will have access to basic attendee features.If you need a fully supported GoTo Room hardware, check if you are eligible for the trade-in program.
    View what features are available on Dolby hardware.
      Feature Dolby Voice
    Out-of-session features Change background wallpaper
    Host a meeting as an organizer
    Join a meeting as an attendee
    Join a webinar or a meeting on a third-party platform
    Adjust camera presets
    Use as a regular telephone
    In-session features Use organizer features (share invite, promote attendee)
    Mute and unmute audio
    Share my camera
    Change camera modes
    Change camera filter
    Share my screen (via HDMI only)
    Split content and camera feeds
    View the attendee list
    Chat with attendees
    Update entry/exit chimes
    Update active speaker setting
    Leave the meeting