GoToRoom With Poly Overview

GoToRoom is an all-in-one hardware system that lets you set up a small to mid-sized conference room to be ready to join and host meetings in an instant.

As an IT Manager, you can ensure that your end users have a seamless GoToMeeting experience in conference rooms with GoToRoom. Users are launched into session using the GoToMeeting Web App (our browser-based meeting experience), and the webcam and audio will automatically be turned on.

Note: Are you using GoToConference? Click here for help.

How it works

  1. Order – Order your GoToRoom system from a Sales representative.
  2. Set up – Use the hardware equipment in the kit to set up small or medium conference room.
  3. MeetHost and join a meeting. Just sit down in the conference room and get started! Any person can choose among the following options: