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How do I start a meeting by dialing in from my phone?

    Organizers can start a meeting from their phone by connecting to audio via phone call (toll or toll-free) and entering the organizer PIN. Attendees can join the meeting from all outlets (desktop app, browser, mobile app, or phone call).

    As the organizer, you should listen to the attendee list to identify unknown callers and enable "on-hold" beeps to let attendees know they've successfully joined the session.

    Attendees will see the default GoTo Meeting screen until the meeting is over or someone else presenters. You can give attendees full access to screen sharing in your settings so anyone can make themselves presenter without having to send you a request.

    Set an organizer PIN

    1. Sign in to the GoTo web or desktop app.
    2. Click your Profile icon in the top toolbar and Settings.
    3. Click Meetings in the left menu.
    4. Under "Organizer PIN", enter a PIN. Once a PIN is set, it cannot be disabled.
    5. Use this PIN when dialing in next time!

    Start a meeting by phone

    1. Make sure you created an organizer PIN.
    2. Call the toll or toll-free number of your session from your mobile device. You can open the session invite and manually enter the phone number and access code or go into your device calendar and tap the linked phone number.
    3. Press the Star key to confirm you are the organizer.
    4. Enter your organizer PIN followed by the pound or hash sign.
      Note: Only the scheduling organizer can start the session by phone.
    5. You have started the session! Manage your phone audio with keypad commands.