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How do I raise my hand during a meeting?

    Raise your hand to grab the organizer's attention. It can alternatively be used as a quick polling option for organizers.

    Hand raising is currently only available in the Web App or the GoTo app. The organizer needs to be hosting from one of these methods in order for attendees to see the feature.

    Raise your hand

    1. Hover over React in the lower primary toolbar.
    2. Select Raise your hand.
    3. The hand icon will glow blue while it is raised and return to gray once it is lowered by you or the organizer.

    View and lower raised hands (organizers)

    The total number of raised hands is listed in the top toolbar. To view the order of hands that were raised, click the Hand icon.
    1. Select People icon.
    2. A Hand icon is displayed next to the attendees' names.
    3. To lower all hands, select the More icon then Lower all hands. Alternatively, you can select the Hand icon in the top toolbar then Lower all hands.
      View Raised Hands