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How do I make and receive calls through GoTo Room?

You can make and receive calls from your GoTo Room hardware using the extension assigned to the device.

This feature is available on the following hardware:
  • Poly X30
  • Poly X50
  • Poly G7500
  • Logitech Meetup
  • Logitech Rally
  • Logitech Conference
The extension number is found in the Phone tile of the touch panel or conference room display.
Note: If you do not see the Phone tile, please reach out to your account admin. Admins must add the device in the GoTo Admin portal as a standalone device to assign a GoTo Connect license and extension.
  1. On the touch panel, select Phone.
  2. Search for contacts or other room extensions to call, then select Call icon.
  3. The call displays. If you are sharing your screen then the display will show the shared content while the control app displays the call.
    Note: If you are calling another GoTo Room that is already in an active session then your incoming call will be blocked.
    Phone Calls from GoTo Room