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How do I use dual display on GoTo Room?

    If you have two displays plugged in, you can choose to show content on both screens.

    Attention: We recommend setting up dual display while the hardware is turned off. If it is on, restart the device after connecting the second display.
    Dual display is supported on the following hardware.
    • Poly Conference X50
    • Poly G7500
    • Logitech Rally
    • Logitech Conference with Rally Bar
    • Logitech Rally Plus
    1. Make sure you have two HDMI cables connected from the hardware to the TVs or monitors.
      Tip: For the best experience, both displays should be the same size and have the same resolution.
    2. On the touch panel, select Settings > Dual Display.
    3. Choose a mode.
      • Mirror Mode - Displays the same content on both screens.
      • Extended Mode - Displays different content on each screen (e.g., shared content on one screen and the in-session camera feed on the other). If this mode is selected, you can Swap Displays to switch the content on the displays.Dual Display in GoTo Room
    Results: The setting is applied immediately. The next time you host or join a session, it will appear on both displays.