How do I enable the new GoTo Application for my users?

Account admins can enable the new GoTo Application (in open beta) for users.

The GoTo Application is an always on collaboration workplace with one point of access for all communication needs. It currently supports the GoToMeeting experience.
  1. Sign in to the LogMeIn Admin Center at
  2. Click User Settings in the left menu.
  3. Under "Features", click NEW! GoTo Single Application Experience.
    • On – Organizers will automatically use the GoTo App for future meetings.
    • Available (Off) – Organizers will have to enable the GoTo App before being able to download and run the new GoTo App.
    • Disabled – Organizers cannot download and use the GoTo App.
  4. Click Save.Enable GoTo Application
Your users can now download the GoTo Application from their account!