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How do I connect to the session audio from my Android?

    You can connect to or switch your audio method at any time during a session. If you are attending the session in person and using your Android device for activities, it is recommended that you turn off audio to avoid noise feedback.

    Note: We have a new GoTo mobile app! This article covers the classic GoTo Meeting mobile experience. click here for help.
    1. Tap the More icon in the lower menu and Audio options or swipe left to access the Audio screen.
    2. Select the audio method you want to connect to.
      • Connect to Internet audio – Use your device's mic and speakers (VoIP) to connect to the audio conference.
      • Auto dial or Switch to a difference phone – Dial in to the audio conference using a phone (PSTN). Tap the phone number to automatically start dialing, or select the Pen icon to edit the number before dialing if needed.
      • Turn off audio – Disconnect from the audio conference completely.