Jive Business Continuity (JBC) provides an automatic, on-site, emergency backup for a Jive system. We’ll notify you immediately when a JBC device goes offline or is in failover mode to help you proactively resolve any issues.

Note: Before you can enable JBC status alerts, you must have a JBC device installed on your system.

1. Login at

2.  From the JBC Status Alerts tab, enable the following:

  • Send alert when a JBC device is offline: A JBC device is considered offline when it is unable to communicate with Jive. For example, a JBC device has no power or cannot reach the Internet.
  • Send alert when a JBC device enters failover mode: A JBC device enters failover mode when it is unable to communicate with Jive while still providing limited services between local devices. For example, the Internet is down but extension-to-extension dialing is still possible. If analog phone lines are connected to a JBC device, outbound, limited inbound, and emergency calls are also available from these lines during failover mode.

3. Enter the email address for each alert recipient.

  • Alerts can only be delivered to a single email address. If you need to deliver your alerts to a group, use an email alias (e.g. or create an auto-forward rule in your email client.
  • Alerts will come from, so make sure this address is not marked as SPAM or junk mail.