How do I use a call queue in a dial plan?

    Add a call queue into a dial plan to enhance the caller's experience and better manage the incoming call volume.
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    Before you begin:
    1. Sign in at
    2. Select Dial Plans in the left navigation menu and then select the dial plan you want to edit.

      Result: The dial plan editor will launch in a separate window.

    3. Drag and drop the Queue node in the left navigation menu to the desired spot on the canvas.
    4. Drag and drop Dial Plan Next Node Icon of the previous node to the left side of the Queue node, connecting the nodes to prevent dropped calls.
    5. Complete the following setting(s):
      Choice Description
      Choose Select the call queue that will be used.
      Timeout Enter the time (in seconds) the caller will wait in the call queue for the next available agent.
      On timeout Routes the caller to the next step if no agents answer the call during the timeout period.
      On escape Routes the caller to the next step if they dial * (star).
    6. Continue to build the call flow.
    7. Select Save.