What is SD-WAN?

    SD-WAN guarantees enterprise-grade features, quality of service, and security for your network users—even under adverse network conditions, or when an app is located in the Cloud, and without paying for premium MPLS connectivity.

    Set up and scale up seamlessly. Get started and scale up in hours, not months, by skipping future MPLS installations.

    Prioritize critical-application bandwidth. Ensure your most critical applications are always accessible, always fast, and never hijacked by high-usage apps like YouTube or Spotify.

    Improve network quality and performance. Deliver consistent uptime with seamless failover, link aggregation and dynamic load-balancing, and network monitoring and alerting.

    Simple-to-manage GUI interface. Use GoTo Connect’s visual orchestrator, GUI-based, multi-tenant interface to simplify your operations and add network visibility. No coding necessary.

    Note: Need More Help? To add SD-WAN to your services, please contact your sales representative. For SD-WAN support, please call customer support or go to VeloCloud’s Online Help.