How do I set up SMS chat queues?

Create SMS queues to provide an additional and effective method for customers to communicate with agents. Only available for GoTo Contact Complete plans.


Please excuse our mess while we improve your admin experience! We are in the process of migrating all accounts to the new admin experience. The article below is meant for admins who use to administrate their account. If you're an admin who uses, please visit our GoTo Admin support site for help.

Before you begin: You must have admin or super admin permissions.
  1. Log in at
  2. From Call Queues and Contact Center > Chat Queues, click + Add Chat Queue.
  3. Name the queue and then click Save.
  4. Select the newly created chat queue to edit settings and assign supervisors and agents.
    1. From the Settings tab, you can turn on automatic agent assignment to balance the conversation load across available agents. If you make any changes, select Save.

      Note: Automatic agent assignment will skip agents that are unavailable (on break, logged out, etc.) even if they have the lowest load.

    2. From the Supervisors tab, select Assign supervisors, select Supervisors, choose the supervisor(s), and select Assign.
    3. From the Agents tab, select Assign agents, select Agents, choose the agent(s), and select Assign.
  5. From Phone Numbers, choose the number you want chat queues enabled on.
  6. From Texting, toggle Use Chat Queues on.
  7. From Route texts to, select the desired chat queue from the drop-down.
  8. Click Save.
What to do next: Ensure your agents know how to use the chat queue in their softphone app.