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How do I set up and edit campaigns?

Create campaigns, or outbound call queues, to allow agents to return missed calls in a timely manner or reach out to customers with similar needs. Available for Complete only.
Before you begin: You must be set up as a user and be assigned the Admin role. This can also be done from your admin portal if you have access permissions.
  1. Sign in to our GoTo desktop/web app.
  2. From Contact Center > Admin > Campaigns, select + Add Campaign.
  3. Enter a name and type for your campaign then select Save.
    Note: If you chose intelligent call routing, you will need to later add it to your dial plan and verify that skills have been assigned to this campaign's agents.
  4. Select the newly created campaign to edit it's settings.
  5. From the Overview tab, you can edit the name and type of campaign.
  6. From the Settings tab, choose your desired settings.
    • General:
      • Caller ID to display to callers — Choose if you want to use a custom caller ID or the system default on your outbound calls.
      • Schedule — Choose a schedule to help the system determine when the campaign is active and calls can be made.
    • Agent:
      • Connect timeout — Choose how long to let an agent's phone ring before choosing a new agent to receive the call.
      • Wrap up time — Choose the amount of time you want to allow agent's to have after finishing one call before they can be sent to another call.
      • Log out unregistered agents — Enabling this setting will log out agents who do not have an active line or device available to take calls from. The system default is to log out agents automatically. You must turn off this setting if you want inactive agents to stay logged in.
      • Log out agents when they miss a call — Enabling this setting will log out agents when they miss a call from the queue (unless you are using the Ring All strategy and another agent takes the call).
    • Caller: Choose the types of phone numbers your agents are allowed to call.
    • Recording:
  7. From the Supervisors tab, choose which users you want to assign the supervisor role to for this campaign and click Assign.
  8. From the Agents tab, choose which users users you want to assign the agent role to for this campaign and click Assign.
What to do next: Ensure your supervisors know how to manage this feature in the supervisor dashboard and that your agents know how to handle these dispatched calls.